Principal Investigator

Jesse Hampton, PhD

Prof. Jesse Hampton is an Assistant Professor in the Geological Engineering program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to joining the Madison faculty, Dr. Hampton spent 7 years as a scientist in the Oil and Gas industry with New England Research and Halliburton. In these roles he developed advanced geomechanics, geophysics, and petrophysics research programs and contributed to more than 19 patents and published numerous journal articles and conference papers. His most recent work focused on the characterization of both elastic properties and damage and workflows for integrating multi-scale physical properties measurements.

Prof. Hampton’s teaching duties consist of a rotation of four courses including CEE/GLE 330: Soil Mechanics, CEE/GLE 530: Seepage and Slopes, CEE/GLE 401: Nondestructive Evaluation, and CEE/GLE 474: Rock Mechanics. As an educator, Prof. Hampton aims to push students in a scaffolded and safe environment to experience and overcome science and engineering—thereby striving to create a sense of scientific curiosity and confidence among students which enables them to tackle some of the biggest challenges the planet faces. Prof. Hampton uses state-of-the-art technology in the classroom such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality.

Research Scientist

Qiquan Xiong, PhD

BS, China University of Petroleum Beijing

MS, China University of Petroleum Beijing

PhD, Nanyang Technological University

Area of study: Induced seismicity, rock fracture, acoustic emission, fiber optic sensing, data science.

PhD Students

Ana Paula Villaquirán Vargas

BS, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia

MS, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia

Area of study: Poroelastic, flow, chemical, and thermal behavior of EGS reservoirs.

Erik Knippel

BS, Colorado School of Mines

Area of study: Induced seismicity, laboratory earthquakes, geophysical imaging of damage.

Ellie Johnson

BS, UW-Madison Geological Engineering and Geoscience

Area of study: AI applications in remote sensing, geological engineering, and geothermal energy.

Chao-Sheng Wu

BS, National Central University, Business Administration in Economics

MS, UW-Madison, Statistics: Data Science

Area of study: Deep learning and optimization in fiber optic sensing for infrastructure and energy.

Nathan Opperman

BS, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Geology and Geophysics

Area of study: Fiber optic sensing in infrastructure and seismology (DAS, DSS DTS).

Gowshikan Arulananthan

BS, University of Moratuwa, Civil Engineering

MS, University of Moratuwa, Civil Engineering

Area of study: Fiber optic sensing in civil engineering infrastructure.

Undergraduate Researchers

Christian Ortmann

UW-Madison, Geological Engineering

Area of study: Applications of data science in remote sensing and experimental geomechanics.


Samantha Kleich

BS, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Geology

MS, UW-Madison, Geological Engineering

Thesis: “Mechanical and Poroelastic Properties of Lithologic Units within the San Emidio Geothermal System

Current Position: Geological Engineer at Shannon and Wilson